For IKKJUTT JAMMU, the historical and political developments in the State have laid down a very clear-cut agenda.

  • We shall stop and defeat Muslim separatism in the State and also its internal support structures.
  • We shall stand up and resist the Jihadi war going on in the State in all its forms and defeat it.
  • We shall fight and reverse the demographic invasion of Jammu and protect its lands, forests, rivers and streams from all illegal encroachments.
  • We shall see to it that the Roshni Act, which confirms and legalizes encroachments to the tune of 20 lakh kanals of State/ forest/ Panchayat / Municipal lands, is annulled and set aside.
  • We are determined to get withdrawn the illegal order of 14th February 2018 issued by Tribal Affairs Ministry giving administrative immunity to the encroachers of land and bovine smugglers.
  • We are determined to fight for a CBI enquiry into the Rasana case in order to ensure that the real culprits are brought to the book and innocents are absolved.
  • We shall ensure that the majority community in the State doesn’t continue to grab the benefits which are actually meant exclusively for the minorities living in the State.
  • We shall ensure the deportation of the illegal foreign nationals (Rohingyas and Bangladeshis) from Jammu in order to preserve the Hindu majority character of Jammu.
  • We shall ensure the grant of all citizenship rights to the 1947 Refugees from Pakistan and members of the Valmiki community as equal citizens in J&K State.
  • We shall get disbanded the Custodian Department and get the evacuee properties transferred to their occupants hailing from POJK.
  • We shall leave no stone unturned to eradicate the evil of gender inequality and obtain full citizenship for the children of the daughters of the State married outside to the non-State-subjects.
  • That we shall support the cause of internally displaced Hindus of J&K for the recognition and comprehensive and permanent reversal of their genocide.
  • IKKJUTT JAMMU stands for complete, unrestricted, total integration of Jammu and Kashmir with India.