About Us

IKKJUTT JAMMU seeks to create a people’s movement against all designs, machinations and intrigues to marginalize, dispossess, enslave and destroy all those people in the State of Jammu and Kashmir who believe in the Indian nationhood and continuity of its civilization.

It is a stark reality that Jammu & Kashmir has been converted into a de facto Muslim State where Hindus, Budhists, Sikhs, Jains and all other minorities have been rendered a second-class subject people. IkkJutt Jammu is a movement for the survival of the people of Jammu and to free them from enslavement. It is a movement to restore and promote the Dogra Pride and its glorious tradition of being the sentinels of the Northern Frontiers and the Himalayas.

For this movement to achieve its objectives, it is a must to realize that the Pan-Islamist forces are carrying out a relentless war against the Indian nation in Jammu & Kashmir. They have cleansed Kashmir of Hindus and converted it into a Muslim monolith. Their total focus is now on Jammu and Ladakh.

After the accession of the State of Jammu & Kashmir to India in 1947, Jammu Province has been systematically targeted to destroy it politically, socially, culturally and economically. All these sinister efforts have been gaining momentum all through these years. During the last three decades Jammu has been subjected to a demographic invasion. Since last three and a half years this demographic invasion has assumed dangerous proportions which is there for everyone to see and experience.

That Muslim separatism in Jammu & Kashmir is sponsored and supported by Pakistan and other foreign forces inimical to India, is a well known fact. What is critical to understand is that Muslim separatism is also being promoted from within. The resources of the Indian State have all through been used to nurture and nourish Muslim separatism in Jammu & Kashmir. There is enough evidence to prove that through internal subversion of democracy in the State all minorities living in Jammu and Kashmir have been reduced to enslaved subject people. A very large component of the demographic invasion of Jammu is glaringly state sponsored. A legislative and executive Jihad against the non-Muslims living in the state is as nakedly visible as the terrorist Jihad.

The nourishing of this separatism and Jehad in Jammu and Kashmir from within is actually an impression of an unwritten compact between the Indian State and the Muslim religious identity politics. This compact has reduced J&K State to a Muslim territory and is wrecking the Indian nation from within. Destruction of this compact is as critical as the destruction of terrorism and separatism. We all have to rise to accomplish this task.